Why DocAssist

What’s in it for me? Well that depends who you are…

If you’re drafting documents

  • Enter information once
  • Save the data you enter – documents are data gathering forms
  • Supports non-linear processes – no rigid wizard forcing you into a static flat document
  • Complete what information you know now.  Save it and come back later.
  • Share it with someone else to fill in the blanks
  • View Dictator Notes to assist with your drafting
  • Flexibility to change your mind – great for highly negotiated documents
  • Insert clauses, create your own clauses and share them

If you maintain templates/precedents

  • No code required – only basic Microsoft Word skills
  • No development environment – all setup is inside the document
  • Add custom fields without IT involvement
  • Standard Microsoft DOCX files
  • Provide Dictator Notes to help your users
  • No templates or macros
  • Integrate with your document management system
  • Manage styles, letterheads, page layouts and signoffs

If you’re in IT

  • No more document templates to maintain and deploy
  • No custom macros to maintain
  • Easy to migrate from a legacy systems
  • Simple to deploy
  • Use the data gathered from documents – imagine the reporting!
  • Struggling to upgrade to 64 bit of Microsoft Office? We’ve sorted that.
  • Templates not working after moving to iManage Work 10? Nailed it!

If you’re the CIO

  • Up and running within 2 weeks
  • Minimal investment – from $10 per person per month
  • Fixed price implementations
  • Limited training required – inside familiar environment of Microsoft Word
  • Short project cycle means less impact to users and time away from their work
  • Happy users!
  • Free trial

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