DocAssist – The Ultimate Drafting Tool

Information workers need to interact with their documents.  Add clauses here. Change information there.

Most automation solutions force a wizard on you before you’ve even seen the document – it just doesn’t make sense.  Particularly when that wizard is never to be seen again after you click Go.

DocAssist is the ultimate drafting tool.  The interactive pane is accessible at all times, allowing you to change your mind and select different options.  Or even leave questions blank and come back to them later.

The Clippings feature let’s you pick clauses whenever you need them, and insert them where ever you want them.

Information workers know what they want to draft.  Give them the tool to draft it.

Simple document production

DocAssist’s dynamic pane is context sensitive, and automatically displays what you need to know, and what to enter. All essential information is grouped together on a non-intrusive pane on the side of your Word document or email.

See the results of your selection immediately in the document. Observe as letterheads and signoffs automatically populate once you select the author of the document. Tab through the questions on the pane or navigate content controls on your document. All interaction with your document is interactive and instantaneous.

Lookup or add new contacts, manage contact relationships and reuse contact data throughout your document with just a few clicks.
Save your draft document and come back to it any time to complete questions you previously skipped. Re-automate your document based on any changed information, any time. Do your own way!

Insert electronic signatures and send as a PDF file at the press of a button, with a complete audit trail.

When complete, finalise the document to remove all automation and metadata – ready for sending.

No macros. No code. No templates. No worries.

Not only is it simple to use when creating documents, it’s just as easy to use when automating documents.  There is no code to maintain, simply use your Microsoft Word skills to create and support your fleet of documents.

There are also no templates that need to be deployed – your new DocAssist documents will be ready immediately.


Prompt for all essential information required in your document


Insert electronic signatures and email as a PDF


Remove automation and metadata – ready for sharing


Navigate to anywhere in your document instantly


Look up and add new contacts

Spend your time in Outlook?

Do you communicate with your clients and third parties via Email?

DocAssist is also in Microsoft Outlook, including all the automation, style and layout functionality as well as clause bank solutions.

Now you can style your emails just as you would your Word documents. Keep your communication consistent.


The Clippings feature enables users to save pieces of text, tables, images or anything they might have on a document (a clipping) for reuse in other documents. Clippings can include automation and can be used on Word documents as well as emails.

You can control access to clippings and how they are utilised by using the three levels of save options:

  • Global
  • Shared
  • Private

It is the perfect solution to your clause bank questions and for firms where users like to do it their own way.

Clause Bank

Like Clippings, Clause Bank allows users to select relevant pieces of text, tables or images saved to a central repository.

The Clause Bank solution is built specifically for iManage users and integrates seamlessly with Worksite. It is a more curated solution where precedent administrators are the gatekeepers to the clauses stored within the libraries.

Capture Data in your Documents

Data can be written back to the database for use immediately in subsequent documents – no rekeying.

Use your documents as a data gathering tool. Re-use your data in other documents OR create business intelligence reports using data from your documents!

This is Legal Process Management (LPM) made simple.

Calculate Data in your Documents

Have you ever dreamed of sending critical data and key dates from your financial system to your clients without re-keying? Do you want to be able to do the same in an email with tables and formatting? Now you can!

DocAssist supports full mathematical functionality which allows you to calculate not only integer fields but also dates, without complicated coding.


When it comes to integration, you name it and chances are we’ve done it. We have simple integration with all major Practice Management and Document Management software in the market.

DocAssist integrates with most financial systems for immediate access to client and matter information.

Common and related data is synchronised across the entire document – no rekeying.

With the DMS integration, DocAssist can save the document to the correct location automatically, and prepopulate all of the document details for you. It will then foot your document as well.


Are you tired of constantly asking IT to create fields to capture data? DocAssist has a unique and extensible approach to data. Capture the data you’re missing in your Finance System directly on your documents, extend your database the way you want, collect data and re-use it in other documents. All without having to raise a single ticket with IT!

Return on Investment (ROI)

With unbelievably great pricing plus a fixed price base installation including your standard documents, styles, letterheads, and data import, DocAssist is an excellent, low risk way to take your documents to a whole new level.

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