A very warm thank you to our wonderful clients for their testimonials

We add a lot of Select Paragraphs and Optional Paragraphs in our precedent letters.  A recent upgrade of DocAssist gave our company the ability to access a lot more information from an another database, which was great, however updating the Select Paragraphs and Optional Paragraphs can be time consuming with either recreating and replacing the options or copying the viewable text and running a macro to pick up the new variables (which is slightly quicker).  The new DocAssist Copy & DocAssist Paste options for DocAssist Developers has reduced the editing time massively and also reduces the margin for errors in those edits.”

SharonKnowledge & Precedent Administrator, Leading Insurance Firm

We were really pleased with how quickly we were able to automate a whole stream of work using your product.
We love the write back feature and the time it saves our lawyers. Well done!    #smarterlaw

Peter CampbellDirector - Client Solutions, Hall & Wilcox

Our DocAssist pilot implementation has gone well.  The writeback feature in particular has been impressive – we’ve created some powerful summary documents for collecting the vital information about a matter.
It allows our lawyers to easily produce documents as all the information automatically populates.

Nurhan AydinPrecedent Coordinator, Wotton + Kearney

As DocAssist documents do not require an IT degree to create and maintain, they are fast to set up and deploy promptly for our lawyers to use. The documents are always formatted and styled to our standard which is very important to us.

In addition the writeback feature is brilliant, facilitating a constant build-up of valuable data over the lifespan of a matter.   The Mosmar Team were fabulous to work with throughout the implementation and we have maintained a great on-going relationship in the years since.

Kirk RogersIT Director, Gilchrist Connell

The writeback is such a game changer, it’s amazing

Sonja JohnstoneWorkflow Developer/Analyst, Hall & Wilcox Lawyers
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