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Clippings make clauses easy

A new feature in DocAssist as of build 1094 is “Clippings”. We like to think of clippings as an easier and more versatile version of autotexts or building blocks. As you probably know, autotexts and building blocks can only be saved to templates, there’s not many options for organising them, sharing is a pain, and […]


Help with help files

Have you ever tried to open a .CHM file in Windows, and it shows the index but no content? Not exactly HELPful. It had me stumped when checking out the NetDocuments ndOffice extensibility documentation. Well it turns out to be such a simple fix. Right click on the .CHM file, select Properties, then select Unblock. […]


An exception with exceptions

I’ve been having an extremely strange issue with a custom application. Basically the application is a form that displays to the user so they can select some options relating to how they want to print a document in Word. The form then goes off and does a few things with the printer driver and prints […]


Creating Setup Projects with Visual Studio 2013

It all became a reality when I right-clicked on my solution to add a new project. I thought I had made a mistake. How couldn’t I add a simple setup project after writing all that code? After a minute or two of intense (!) research, I received my answer: “Visual Studio setup projects (vdproj) will […]


Updating and debugging classes in Word

Just a quick tip to save some time debugging classes. Did you know that if you make changes to a class, the changes don’t take effect until you re-instantiate the class? That’s why you don’t see your changes taking effect, or your breakpoints being hit. So, just re-run the AutoExec routine in the template you […]


Checking if a document has macros

In Word 2003, if you need to know if a document contains any VBA code/macros in it, you can use the following function. Function ContainsCode(ByVal Doc As Document) As Boolean ContainsCode = False Dim comp As Object For Each comp In Doc.VBProject.VBComponents   If comp.CodeModule.CountOfLines > 0 Then     ContainsCode = True     Exit Function […]

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