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“We’ve always done it this way!”

When I have conversations around change and innovation one of the most common objections I hear is “we’ve always done it this way”.  It is one of the most dangerous phrases when it comes to business and I work hard to ensure that the businesses and individuals I deal with understand both the tangible and […]


DocAssist Release Notes – V1.1.1000

New Features Introduction of document data caching – meaning values of content controls are always available whether inside Select or Optional Paragraphs Batch Processing tool to allow a group of DocAssist documents to be generated against a set matter and author Tool to Deconstruct/Reconstruct Repeaters for ease of updating and maintaining Repeaters Addressee’s email address […]

iManage Work10 from the Developer’s Perspective

by Nissy Abraham, Developer The previous versions of iManage up to 9.x provided us with the ability to add dll references for iManage which enabled us to customise word in VBA to use iManage functionalities. We could capture iManage events in Word VBA using the corresponding references.  But this is not the case in Work […]

So why DocAssist? What’s in it for me?

One of the first questions we’re asked in an industry full of amazing technology – why DocAssist? Well it really depends who’s asking.  Are you the lawyer, the document drafter, IT or the person signing the cheque? Have a read here about what the benefits are for you, depending on your job role.


DocAssist Case Studies

We are blessed with amazing clients that are happy to share the experience of their journey working with us. We have a new Case Studies page on our site which will be regularly updated with stories about our engagements with our clients.


Work10 integration with DocAssist is here!

Our developers have been working hard lately to integrate iManage Work10 into DocAssist and it is now available in our latest release. For all our wonderful existing clients, please get in touch for the upgrade files.  If you are new to DocAssist and would like more information, we’d love to hear from you. Here are […]


iManage Work10 Upgrade and What You Need to Know (Part I)

iManage Work 10 is a modern implementation of the classic iManage solution. The features were designed by legal professionals for legal professionals.  Work 10 introduces a platform that is native to the cloud, native to mobile devices, and includes a redesigned desktop client to offer a complete New Professional Experience between the web and the desktop. iManage […]


Opening Word 2010 without an initial document

Often we have clients who want Word to open without an initial document being displayed. This is usually because they don’t want the initial document based on the normal template. Doing a winword /a is no good, as it kills off all the other add-ins – so your DMS is usually killed off in the process, let alone all your other add-ins.


Soggy watermarks in Word 2007/2010

Have you had a play with watermarks in Word 2007 or 2010? It looks great – a nice little graphical drop down so you can see what you’re inserting, the ability to create custom watermarks, what’s not to like? For simple documents, this works really well. The problem is once you come to a document […]

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